What You Need To Know About Renting An Instrument

We Tapped Our Knowledge Base To Find The Top Inquires Your Questions Answered Why? Why should your child be in a band or orchestra class? I could write for months about the benefits of music but I think this video … Continue reading

How To Choose A Band Method

Band Method Books Made Easy What Are “Band Method Books?” Band Method books are essentially “textbooks” for students performing/collaborating in band class. Students working out of the same band method in band class literally allows them to all be on … Continue reading

How Do I Choose A Wireless Microphone?

How Do I Choose A Wireless Microphone? That is a “loaded question” depending on who you ask. Having been in the industry 25+ years, the only way I know how to answer is to share my opinion in this blog. … Continue reading

Amelia’s “Newest” Band Member

Hello World! Mrs. Aimee Schrameck, director of bands at Amelia High School, gave birth to her first child, Norah Anne Schrameck on June 14th, 2014. Pictured holding the now two plus week old Norah is Willis Music Band Representative Jeff … Continue reading

Get A Free Drum Lesson!

Vans Warped Tour 2014 Wednesday, July 16, 2014 – Doors Open at 11:00 AM During the Vans Warped Tour in Cincinnati, look for the Willis Music logo on the Lesson Lab tent at the event and get a FREE 5 … Continue reading

The New Yamaha Silent Brass Reviewed

We Tested the Yamaha Silent Brass for Trumpet… As a loud, abrasive and sometimes obnoxious instrument, it is easy to see what draws people to the trumpet. There is no doubt that the trumpet (or some variation) has a long … Continue reading

Celebrate Independence With Patriotic Music

Music To Celebrate America In the spirit of the annual celebration of our country’s Independence, we are showcasing some great patriotic music for piano, vocals, guitar and ukulele. But before you look at the list, see how many of the … Continue reading

Queen City Sausage Unplugged Talent Search – Sponsored by Willis Music

Sign up now! July 11, 12, 13, 2014 – Newport on the Levee Friday 5PM – 11PM, Saturday 12 – 11PM, Sunday 12 – 9PM Are you a local musician looking for exposure? Want your chance to play in front … Continue reading

Make Your Instrument “Boutique” – Curt Mangan

Are you looking for something different, a little unique, and sounds great? Try Curt Mangan Strings. They sound great, they are different and last a long time. It’s usually expensive to be a little different now a days, but here … Continue reading

You Only Play As Well As You Hear! GALAXY AS-1100

If you are like me, you never get the stage mix you want for optimum playability. The guitar players amp is to loud or the singer is hogging the monitor. Have you tried in ear monitors? I know what you … Continue reading