Hohner Airboard

A New Instrument for a New Generation! HOHNER invented the melodica decades ago and it became a featured instrument in so many genres including funk, dubstep, reggae, jazz, pop and folk etc. that it demanded a new personality. With its … Continue reading

Would You Like to Help Advocate for School Music?

KC Goes to DC for Advocacy Want your voice heard about music advocacy? Have a solution or idea on supporting music in the schools? Not sure that your voice is being heard? Let Kevin “carry your tune” to Washington! “NAMM’s … Continue reading

Top 3 Band Parent Questions Answered

Parents Asked, Cindy Answered Dear Parents, Welcome back, Cindy here again with more helpful hints and ideas as well as taking credit for bringing Spring along with me as well. I know what you are thinking… “well it is about time!” …and … Continue reading

Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Guitarists

Rolling Stone knows a thing or two about great guitar playing, and their top 10 list is rooted in the classics. Click the pic above to see if you agree.

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Congrats to our VIP+1 $100 Gift Card Winner

Congratulations to John Adamick who was the winner of the $100 gift card from our VIP+1 event last weekend! This event was by invite only and if you want to be invited to the next one, please stop by! We … Continue reading Continue reading

Piano Rentals at Willis Music

Not quite ready to commit to owning a piano? Don’t worry there are other options!  Willis Music now has pianos available for RENT! Digital Pianos rent for $89 a month. A Yamaha Arius YDP-181 or other digital piano of equal … Continue reading Continue reading

Ukulele Club Resumes At Kenwood

The Ukulele club is starting up again at Willis Music, Kenwood location. We are fortunate to have John DiMauro head our Ukulele club. John is a Uke enthusiast in the area. You will  find him playing at local senior centers … Continue reading Continue reading

10 Tips to Improve Your Sax Playing

Musicians play music because we love it, but everyone has a beginning point and all of us work to improve our performances. Below are some easy ideas to make your time on a sax better & more fun! Number 1: … Continue reading

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Composer Busts …err, Statues? Which One Is It?

“Statues, Statuettes or Busts… Oh My!” We are “pulling back the curtain” and answering your questions. Many of you are searching and asking for composer statues, composer statuettes, composer busts. Well…is it Statues? Statuettes? Busts? Let’s take a look at … Continue reading

How Eric Clapton’s Fender Strat Gets Made from bloomberg.com

Hey everyone, Saw this video this morning and thought you’d enjoy it!  Thanks to the fine folks at bloomberg.com.  It guides you through the Fender factory and shows how Fender makes some of the finest, most desirable, American made guitars. … Continue reading Continue reading