Composer Busts …err, Statues? Which One Is It?

“Statues, Statuettes or Busts… Oh My!” We are “pulling back the curtain” and answering your questions. Many of you are searching and asking for composer statues, composer statuettes, composer busts. Well…is it Statues? Statuettes? Busts? Let’s take a look at … Continue reading

How Eric Clapton’s Fender Strat Gets Made from

Hey everyone, Saw this video this morning and thought you’d enjoy it!  Thanks to the fine folks at  It guides you through the Fender factory and shows how Fender makes some of the finest, most desirable, American made guitars. … Continue reading Continue reading

A Case That Offers REAL Protection!

Protection…so you can play! The TRIC case not only offers acoustic guitars unparalleled protection against the usual “bangs & bumps” in the everyday life of a musician but also offers up high-tech protection from the elements. High-Tech Impact Resistance Made … Continue reading

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Do You Love The Sound Of A Steinway Piano & Looking For A Road Trip ?

Look No Further… Chamber Music of Yellow Springs Will Be Using A Steinway Model B Grand Piano for their Annual Competition for Emerging Artists Sunday April 27th, 2014 1st Presbyterian Church 314 Xenia Avenue (US 68) in Yellow Springs @ 7:30 PM … Continue reading Continue reading

7 Guitars That Changed History

1. Gibson L-5 First introduced: 1923 Also Known As: The First Masterpiece Notable Players: Mother Maybelle Carter, Eddie Lang, Wes Montgomery, Scotty Moore, Tuck Andress, Lee Ritenour, Pat Martino, Jan Akkerman, John Mayer, Eric Clapton Quick Facts: – The Gibson … Continue reading

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New Shipment of G&L Guitars

Just got a new flock of G&L guitars in stock. Just in time for VIP weekend. Great guitars for the $$$. Stop in to check them out – (our favorite is the ASAT Bluesboy).   Check out more info here! Continue reading

Guitar Digital Wireless Done Right

A groundbreaking offering to guitarists, Shure’s GLX-D Guitar Pedal Digital Wireless System combines revolutionary LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management and battery rechargeability with unparalleled Shure design and construction. The GLXD6 guitar pedal receiver easily integrates into any pedal board and features … Continue reading

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Hohner Harmonica History

History of the Harmonica The harmonica was invented in Europe in the early part of the 19th century. Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann is often cited as the inventor of the harmonica in 1821. The harmonica was invented to be used … Continue reading

Melvin the “Mello” – phone….Do you name your instruments?

Came across this case in the store the other day.  A school had dropped off about a dozen mellophones for their yearly maintenance and there was a huge stack of them clogging the isles.  Obviously someone (name deleted for privacy … Continue reading Continue reading

Special Event? Not enough Power? Too Dark?

So, you have a special event coming up, but you don’t have enough speakers to reach everyone in attendance or you need some more lights to make it extra special? Willis has you covered. We are now renting speakers, power … Continue reading Continue reading